Signature Acts

Miss O Kissed mixes inspirations from literature, art history, pop culture, and her own personal appetites to create a varied repertoire of burlesque and pole dancing acts for a range of productions. 


Venus in Furs

One of Miss O's most opulent costumes and most requested acts. Based on the book Venus in Furs, this act begins teasing the audience as Severin's fantasy of the cold Venus of the north, before finally indulging in the characters own personal masochistic desires.

(Can be performed with or without pole)


Parc aux Cerfs

A rococo spectacle. Yards and yards of duchess satin and glittering crystals swirl on stage like a Boucher painting brought to life. This act explores a precarious world of seduction and luxury.


Bubbles & Squeak

Miss O Kissed's tribute to all things rubber! A bright new twist on the classic burlesque balloon pop. Dressed head to to in the brightest colored latex this act features balloon twisting, balloon popping, striptease fun.


Vice Anglais

Miss O Kissed’s tribute to the fetish art and flagellation novels of the 1930’s. Herric and Carlos brought to life with couture latex costuming, spanking horse, and self flagellation.


Alice & The Caterpillar

An act full of whimsy leading to transformation twist at the end. This award winning act features a giant 8ft long soft toy caterpillar and a combo pole and burlesque act.

(Can be performed with or without pole)



Straight jackets, fetish heels, and pole. This act was Miss O's first ever act and has been constantly evolving. Bondage and pole dancing whilst wearing a pic straight jacket make this act one to remember.

(This act requires pole)